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The best time to use the Inversion Belt

Spinal decompression using the Horizontal Back Decompression System at home can make your back feel so relaxed that the sensation is near euphoric. The best time to use the Inversion Belt with your Back stretch Bench (Horizontal Back Decompression System) is at night before going to sleep. When you are in a horizontal position, such as when sleeping, your spine is still subject to a slight amount of compression but significantly less than any other position during the day. During a decompression session your spine is in a state of negative pressure, which is why it feels so good. So the best thing you can do after 20 minutes of negative pressure is to go right to sleep. This is one of the most unique advantage that you will have with a home system compared to in office spinal decompression which requires you to sit in your car and go on with your day after a session. The spinal compression that you may be subject to after treatment can often negate the benefits.