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PAIN FREE! I love my belt! I used to suffer from severe low back pain due to desengration of my L4-L5 disc. I took 800mg of Motrin 2x daily for 5 years just to make it thru my day with pain I could bare. I did physical therapy for months several times and saw my chiropractor like a good patient. My Chiropractor helped a lot but I could only see him once a week and I needed daily spinal decompression. I tried an inversion table but my 200lb body was too much stress on my ankles.
After using the belt for 3 days I was pain free!!! I used it for 5 days straight and was able to be pain free for another 3 days without having to use the belt. Now I use it every couple of days for maintenance although I should use it more!
When I first started using the inversion belt I was a little sore as my muscles were so atrophied and locked down, but it was a good sore not a stiff sore like my back tends to get!
I will be using this inversion belt for a long time!

Jeff Jackson

I started using the inversion belt with my back stretch bench after a herniated disc pinched my sciatic nerve causing excruciating pain to my right buttock and right leg. Using the back stretch bench alone was putting painfull stress / pressure on my feet and ankles. The inversion belt eliminated this pain and allowed me to stretch out my legs while decompressing my spine. I began feeling immediate relief after my 1st use and my pain continues to decrease with each subsequent use. If you have sciatic nerve issues, I highly recommend this accessory belt.

Todd Grondzki

I have been using one of the top tier Inversion Tables for several months. My biggest complaint with the experience, is the amount of stress that is exerted on my ankles when inverted.
Then I tried the Inversion Belt. What a difference! The Inversion Belt immediately removed the stress on my ankles. It centered the benefits of being inverted right where it needs to be; on my lower back. The Inversion Belt enables me to maintain control over the angle of inversion. It improves the inversion table experience to where I am comfortable while inverted;no matter the angle. Another benefit, with the support from the Inversion Belt, is that I can now do multiple reps of abdominal crunches without worrying about the stress to my ankles.
The overall experience with the Inversion Belt has been a positive one.

Gordon Decker

I m using my Inversion Belt with a Stamina in line back stress bench and it does wonders. I have been dealing with a back problem for the last 4 years and using the belt on a regular basic help me tremendously. Anyone that have a back problem should have their own. Very easy to use and very effective.

Susan Brown

I have been using my inversion table for a few years now, but I was never able to fully relax especially when my back was tight or in spasms, and not to mention the pressure on my ankles. Now with the belt, I feel more comfortable and relaxed, I can keep my knees slightly bent which helps take the tension off my lower back, I have NO pressure on my ankles and I can definitely feel traction in my lumbar instead of my ankles and hips. Thank you Inversion Belt for this great product!

Frankie Bolder

Greatly enhances the effectiveness of my inversion table. It focuses the stretch where I need it most (L4-5). Now using a 'decompression' table which I like better than being inverted which also works just fine with the 'belt'.

Payton Hillman

The Inversion Belt has really made a difference in the health of my back and works to improve how the inversion table can work....I like that that weight is taken off my ankles and feel that the pull is more directly applied to the L4-5 area and gives me much more of a result that I like...I'd highly recommend this product.

Riley Jones

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